Introduction to E-commerce

Introduction to E-commerce.

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In your role as a security professional in XYZ company, you have been asked to present a PowerPoint presentation to address cybersecurity challenges the company may face as it plans to expand into global sales. Address the issues below in your presentation.

  • Determine the scope of e-commerce crime and security challenges.
  • Outline the concerns as the company conducts business internationally.
  • Describe any governmental compliance needs to which the company needs to adhere.
  • How do you protect the organization from repudiation?
  • What challenges does the company face with exchange rates for online purchases?
  • How are the company’s policies and procedures important in creating the security?
  • Describe the differences between a U.S. customer and an international customer who each make a purchase from your fictitious organization, which is based in the United States.
  • Find at least one graphic illustrating an Internet-based payment system and utilize it in your presentation.

You must elaborate on the information provided on each slide. To do so, you can either utilize the speaker notes function within PowerPoint to summarize and/or explain the slides’ contents, or you can record voice narration for each slide. You are not required to do both, but you must choose one of the two options above to receive full credit.

Your PowerPoint presentation must contain at least eight slides; the title and reference slides do not count toward meeting the minimum slide requirement.

Below, you will find helpful resources created by the CSU Writing Center on developing APA-style PowerPoint presentations. If you need additional help, contact the CSU Writing Center.

Click here to access the PowerPoint Best Practices tutorial.

Click here to access the PowerPoint APA and Basics document.

Introduction to E-commerce

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