Introduction to Humanities

#1. Do you agree with the authors? assertion that participation is the most fundamental of the basic distinctions of art? Why? If you disagree, which do you think is the most important and why? Do you have any experiences with art to draw on to support your claims?

#2. Analyze the ?spatial? and ?revelatory? functions of Frank Lloyd Wright?s Guggenheim Museum. Give specific details and incorporate relevant terminology.

#3. Explain the significance of understanding the context in which a film exists. How does contextual knowledge influence our participative experience with film? Give examples to illustrate your point.

#4. Explain the relational theory of value and how it has informed our study of the humanities during this course. Give examples to support your explanation.

Book: The Humanities Through the Arts
Lee A. Jacobus & F. David Martin, 2018
McGraw-Hill Education

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