issc471 research paper outline

issc471 research paper outline.

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For this assignment, all that is due is your research paper outline – include your approved thesis statement and outline the major sections of your paper. I also want to see at least 2 of your references, so I can be sure you are on the right track. The outline and references should be in APA style. Below is a link to the APA format for an outline.

Please reference the requirements for the research paper. Not only are you to provide the outline, but you must discuss at least 3 of the key points requirements for the paper.

Below is the research topic and 3 rough key points for the paper just need to elaborate for the outline

Research topic: Organizing an IT infrastructure audit for compliance.

supporting statements:

Seven domains of IT infrastructure and limitations/ restrictions

The auditing of infrastructure for compliance requires taking a security perspective in order to help identify fraud, ineffective practices, improper use of resources, and inadequate security.

As part of the planning process when auditing IT infrastructure for compliance, this type of plan will incorporate the evaluation of various types of critical controls (including security and privacy controls). The auditor must identify the critical controls by considering the audit scope and objective along with the risk assessment.


Weiss, M., & Solomon, M. G. (2011). Auditing IT infrastructures for compliance,1st ed. MA: Jones & Bartlett

issc471 research paper outline

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