Its 300-600 words all instructions are written below

Its 300-600 words all instructions are written below.

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Length: about 300-600 words (about 1-2 pages)

As a group, the entire class will work together throughout the semester to research what may have happened to Mared and Karen in Morgantown on the night of January 18, 1970.

For your first Writing Exercise, listen to Episode #1 (“The Disappearance”) of the podcast series MARED AND KAREN: THE WVU COED MURDERS (in the attached link). Then, write a response to the episode. This response can describe your thoughts about the episode, any ideas you may have about the case, anything from the episode that stood out to you, anything you’re having trouble understanding, etc.

On Monday, January 20, you will use your Writing Exercises as “Conversation Starters” to help the class to start thinking about this 50-year-old case.

NOTE: The first link leads to the episode itself. The second link leads to some photographs that add additional context to the episode.

Link 1 :

Link 2

Its 300-600 words all instructions are written below

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