Jay-Z Helps the NFL Banish Colin Kapernick

Jay-Z Helps the NFL Banish Colin Kapernick.

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1.) First Impressions

2.) Essential Message

3.) What are your thoughts on the partnership between Jay-Z and the NFL given the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick being “blackballed” from playing football or not being signed by any other NFL team since his refusal to stand and take a knee during the national anthem?

4.) Do you think that Jay-Z’s decision to partner with the NFL is hypocritical or as the writer suggests used as a cover and/or buffer? Why or why not?

5.) In what way(s) can the joint forces of the NFL and Jay-Z bring artist connection with NFL’s immense audience and provide insight and direction to the league regarding social (in)justice?

6.) Significance for African American culture through sports

7.) Points of agreement/dissension

8.) Summary/Closing

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Jay-Z Helps the NFL Banish Colin Kapernick

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