Journal: Criminal Justice Professionals

Journal: Criminal Justice Professionals.

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For this journal assignment, you will reflect on your ePortfolio. In your reflection, discuss the following:

  • How will you find assignments to showcase the skills that you are capable of demonstrating as a criminal justice professional?
  • What have you learned in the program that has made you a better criminal justice professional?
  • How does your ePortfolio showcase your skills?

At this point, you should check in with Career Services. Your method of communication with Career Services can be a phone call or an email. In your conversation, identify what you thought was beneficial to include and what you thought you should remove from your ePortfolio. Ask for feedback on your resume, cover letter, and any non-course-related items in your ePortfolio.

You will need to reflect on how you used the feedback received from your check-in with Career Services in Capstone Component 3: Reflection, which is due in Module Nine. You will not submit a draft of Capstone Component 3 before Module Nine, so you should refer to that component in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document while working on this journal assignment.

For additional details, please refer to the Module Five Journal Guidelines and Rubric.

Journal: Criminal Justice Professionals

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