Paper details 1. Watch the video above – “Can a Computerized Tests Measure Complex Common Core Skills?” from PBS news hour – “The new “Common Core” sets the standard for learning in America, but how do states test for these new, more complex and career-ready skills? Special correspondent for education John Merrow examines the challenge of measuring things like critical thinking and collaboration facing schools and teachers.” Describe 2-3 changes in assessment are currently taking place as a part of the Common Core State Standards. What educational concepts are guiding the development of Smarter Balanced Assessment? Which technologies do students need to know how to use effectively to be successful with Smarter Balanced Assessments? Download the SBAC Assessment Consortium Practice and Training Test User Guide. 2. Go to the practice tests for Smarter Balanced Assessments at: Sign in as Guest and walk through the setup. Examine the test instructions and help section and discuss 2-3 criteria in the help guide. Select a grade level and then select a test.

Take one of the practice tests at different grade levels. Discuss any insights you have gained by taking a practice test. Test your own skills, knowledge, and ability. What technology knowledge and skills would a student need to have to be successful with SBAC? How do you think we should prepare our students to use new technologies? Explore one of the LGBT Youth Resources on the CDC website. What did you learn from reviewing the resource and how might you use it in the classroom?

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