Juvenile Justice, Text Book – The Juvenile Justice System Alida V. Merlo, Peter J. Benekos, Dean John Champion, 2016 Pearson

1 page per question – approximately 300-350 words /0x4*

Using the information in the textbook, compare the rate of female delinquency with that of
male offenders. What is the difference in the rate of delinquency and the type of offenses
committed? How do you explain the difference?

According to the assigned textbook, what is community policing? How does this philosophy
affect police-juvenile relations?

According to the textbook, fully discuss why it is important to a juvenile to be adjudicated a
first-offender or a repeat offender?

In regards to juveniles, what is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)? According to the
textbook, how is ADR used and what are some of the benefits for this program?

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