Lab1 Login to Workspace

Lab1 Login to Workspace.

I need help with a Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Reminder: The link to the VDA (Virtual Desktop Environment) is here

The Username and Password for the Windows 7 machine (for all students)

Username: StudentFirst
Password: Cyb3rl@b

Your VM will be destroyed after 1 week.

You can create another one, put your previous work will be lost

Post questions about your AWS WorkSpace as well as forensic tool issues here.

Please navigate to the Lab Callout Box within the Content section (see Activities) for this week which also includes detailed instructions for this assignment. All links to open the appropriate documents and to launch the Citrix virtual environment will be found at this location.

Attached,find Lab Callout Box

Lab1 Login to Workspace

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