Laralex Hospital Case Study quention, writting report (Operatios Management)

Laralex Hospital Case Study quention, writting report (Operatios Management).

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Read the case study document and case data, complete all questions below:

Your case study analysis will prepare Blanche with explanations that she can present to her management at the next staff meeting. In preparation for this meeting, you will write a report as if you were Blanche.

Blanche’s focus will be on highlight problems with the current system and convincing hospital management to allow her to explore the implementation of a new process-oriented approach. Throughout, she will need to use words that Hazel (and other similar-minded managers) would understand, and terms that make sense within a health care facility. That is, she should avoid generic phrasing (e.g., process, defect, or nonconformance) and focus on applications at Laralex Hospital. The report should address the following issues, using examples and/or analogies as illustrations. It should be concise, clear and complete. Because the reader of the report will not be aware of the questions below, she should not simply repeat the questions when developing your report (the report should flow nicely while addressing these issues).

Case Question:

1. Explain what is wrong with using percentiles to compare hospitals. Give an example (not the tomato example from the case) that illustrates why percentiles are ineffective.

Laralex Hospital Case Study quention, writting report (Operatios Management)

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