Leech therapy in Ancient Greek and China

Leech therapy in Ancient Greek and China.

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Hi, I have a 12-15 page essay to do and I need you to add five more pages. I will upload what I have so far. If you can refine and revise it as well, I will add a VERY generous tip but if not, then you can just add to what I have.

My research paper will focus on the numerous methods of bloodletting (go back and forth discussion the good and bad things with EACHeach method and why leech therapy is better AND HOW METHODS CHANGED OVERTIME AND WHY BASED CHINESE AND ANCIENT GREEK TRADITIONS), different views on leech therapy and how it plays in the practice of bloodletting under the humoral theory in China and Ancient Greece, and the pros and cons of Hirudotherapy (leech therapy) oNCE AGAIN PLEASE GO BACK BETWEEN ANCIENT GREECE AND CHINESE TRADITIONS.

For each paragraph/ topic, IT IS ESSENTIAL to go back and forth between the ancient greek traditions and Chinese traditions.

FORMAT: (Times new roman, font 12)

-Introduction (a roadmap of the paper): topic/scope and STRONG thesis statement

-Main text: arguments and evidence; minding the relevance between each paragraph, in relation with the whole argument; transitional terms; one idea in one paragraph

-Scholarship: to emphasize the significance of the paper

– STRONG Conclusion


ONCE AGAIN, if you can revise and refine what I already have, I will include a VERY generous tip.

This can help with format :


Scope: time span and the location

Of the different cultures

State research question

Thesis statement: answer the research question


Example: social aspect or political aspect of the topic

Main text / Body Paragraphs

Also can be used to help show evidence

Evidence 1

2-3 pages for each topic for the evidence

Make a claim for the evidence and use quotes to support that.

When going to next paragraph add a good transition

Evidence 2

Evidence 3

Evidence and so on

Make sure not to add irrelevant aspects


Restate thesis statements

Summarize what had been said

At least use one of the 3 trends of scholarships in the conclusion:

What is the nature of knowledge?

What are the modes of knowledge production?

What is the way knowledge is transmitted?

Choose at least one maybe even two

Evaluation: further research of relevant times

Works Cited / Bibliography

Must be author and date style

Chicago style

Leech therapy in Ancient Greek and China

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