Legal Documents For Event

Research the legal documents that you may need for your event. A city’s Web site (with the suffix “.gov”) could be a useful resource for your research. For example, www.phoenix is a helpful information page that will discuss some of the permits required for a special event in Phoenix. /0x4*

Create a list or table that will help you track all of these important documents. The list or table should include a minimum of 4 contracts and 2 permits or licenses. In the list or table, include the length of time that it might take to get each license or permit. Once you’ve created your list or table of required licenses and permits, identify 2 potential risks that may occur at your event, and discuss the following in summary format. Explain what action you will take to avoid these 2 potential risk

Explain your contingency plan for each of these 2 potential risks. Identify your security procedures for your event. Identify any laws or regulations required for you to host your event. Describe required standards relating to occupational health and safety for your event. Explain what procedures you will use to ensure safety of your employees and guests. Your assignment should be between 800–1,000 words, double-spaced, in 12-pt. Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. There should be limited spelling and grammatical errors. You must incorporate at least 1 outside resource with proper APA citations. Please cite your resources for any templates or information used for this assignment.

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