Legislation and emissions

Legislation and emissions.

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1. Legislation and emissions: Where strict emission standards have been promulgated, concrete results have been achieved. Discuss this concept by giving examples on limiting emissions of sulfur compounds, heavy metals, vehicle exhaust, etc.

2. Present the principle of operation of gasoline engines, detailing the pollutants emitted and technique called “Three Ways” to eliminate them in post-processing.

3. Detail the issue of particulate emissions: sources, health impacts, control and disposal.

Discuss the problem of water pollution in extra-urban areas (agricultural regions, the presence of farms, industrial sites, etc.). Deal more specifically with the impact of pollutants made up of synthetic molecules (pesticides, herbicides, etc.) and excess fertilizers.

5. Detail the methods of analysis of organic pollutants in water. Explain how the toxicity of an effluent is assessed.

Legislation and emissions

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