legislative report

legislative report.

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Introduction – 3 paragraphs

Summary – 2-3 paragraphs

Support – 3 paragraphs

Opposition – 3 paragraphs

Perspectives – 1 paragraph per group member

Conclusion – 1-2 paragraphs

and your References

Summary: The summary should introduce the number and name of the bill, the authors of the bill (ie. Senator Tim Kaine, D-VA)(means Democrat from VA), and what the bill proposes to do in 2-3 paragraphs.

Introduction: This section will be approximately 3 paragraphs, discussing the topic of the bill, including history, data, and statistics.

Support: This section will be approximately 3 paragraphs, factually explaining about any organizations, groups, or persons whom are in support of this bill or would benefit from this bill. Please be sure to introduce evidence of this support. This section should demonstrate your affinity as a health advocate, credibly explaining the pros of this bill.

Opposition: This section will be approximately 3 paragraphs, again, factually explaining about any organizations, groups, or persons whom are in opposition of this bill, using any evidence to substantiate this. This section should again provide a credible basis for the “cons” of this bill. Sometimes, the only opposition is because what is being asked for in this bill is too complex or costly. Would it be possible to amend this bill to suit the needs of both parties? Typically, that will be the next step to a bill that is “killed” in either Congress or the Senate. Often, the authors will amend the bill, asking for less. However, sometimes amending the bill weakens the bill, renders it obsolete, or slashing the costs in half wouldn’t be enough for the supporters.

Understanding opposing viewpoints is a necessary part of being a health advocate. You need to not only know what supporters are saying, but also the opposition, as a way to build a stronger argument, should you be on either side in a program or in a public health organization. The audiences for this report are legislators and their staff members who might wish to become experts on the bill or as a training document for advocates and grassroots leaders. These sections are as if someone called you asking what the pros and cons are of your bill. You can also use the Support area to add any learned perspectives and feedback from the strategic partner that you emailed.

Perspectives and Opinions – this is one paragraph per person where you can share, impartiality aside, what you feel about this topic, bill, solutions, and issues. It’s really a good place to share your knowledge about this health topic and where we are in public health strategizing about it.

Conclusion – in 1-2 paragraphs, tie up everything neatly.


Your paper should be 7 pages in total, including 1 Cover Sheet, 5 pages of the paper’s body, and 1 Reference Sheet

This paper should be in New Times Roman, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, and double-spaced. It should be in APA format with in-text citations.

Please be sure to proofread carefully and do a plagiarism check through Grammarly or a similar cite.

Please add the Bill and URL for your bill in the References.

legislative report

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