Lesson 2: Hardware Basics/ IT Dilemma

Lesson 2: Hardware Basics/ IT Dilemma.

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Discussion: what non-executives need to know regarding technology. Especially in regard to innovation technology. Please note some key foundational factors that non-executives need to know and understand regarding technology. Also, note how non-IT departments interact with IT and how the change in the market will change how business is performed.

200 to 300 words

1) Chapter 2 – Study Questions 1-10, Exercise 2, Lab 2 (Information Systems for Business and Beyond) Submit the above homework in one document.

2) Chapter 2 Paper: Discuss why the IT organizational structure is an important concept to understand. Also, discuss the role of IT in the overall business strategy. (Information Technology and Organizational Learning Textbook) The above submission should be one page in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.

Need Discussion in 5hrs and you submit 1 and 2 after 1 day.

Please submit 1 and 2 in two different document.

Textbook : Langer, A. M. (2018). Information Technology and Organizational Learning. 3rd edition. Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ISBN: 978-1-4987-7575-5.

Lesson 2: Hardware Basics/ IT Dilemma

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