Lifestyle Assignment

Lifestyle Assignment.

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The objective of this assignment is for students to understand how their everyday food choices and activities/exercise they engage affect their weight, health, and overall well-being. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY: Record 3-days worth of all your food intake and activities/exercise you engaged in. After evaluating your recordings, complete your assignment by incorporating concepts and knowledge gained from the following chapters: wellness, psychological health, nutrition, exercise, weight management, cardiovascular health, and cancer. Analyze your current diet and activity level, and finally put together a personal nutrition and activity plan by making sure it is viable based on your lifestyle, budget and habits. Your improved plan should promote overall wellness and longevity. STUDENT REPORT: You will write a 4-page paper in addition to creating 2 tables (tables will vary in length but your overall assignment should approximately 6 pages long). Your papers will be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins all around and submitted online. Save your assignment as YourLastNameFirst Initial_HLED100_Assignment2 Example: HalkiaG_HLED100_Assignment2. Make sure your papers are free of grammatical and spelling errors —- you will be graded on this. Your paper will consist of and cover the following: Table #1 Document 3 days of all foods and beverages consumed, as well as the type of activity you engaged in a table format each day (see sample example inside the guidelines file; you are free to format your tables any way you like) Written Essay Assignment (make sure you describe the following): Describe your lifestyle Describe your diet and activity level based on the recorded information Do you see any patterns? For example. Are you eating enough fruits and are you getting an adequate amount of nutrients based on your nutritional needs for your age group? Why did you choose these foods? (Do you live on campus? Do you live with your parents? Or you simply prefer the flavor of certain foods). Explain. What are your main obstacles as a student to adhere to a healthy lifestyle (hurried lifestyle, availability of foods, cost, etc.) If you continue eating and exercising as you do where do you see yourself in 20 years from now (refer to the nutrition, exercise, weight management, cardiovascular and cancer chapter) Based on your observations what could you change and why

Lifestyle Assignment

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