Linked List Operations

Linked List Operations.

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LinkedListType, unorderedLinkedList, and orderedLinkedList are given to you in Chapter 17. linkedListIterator is given to you as well. The files are supplied here.

Overload the insertFirst and insertLast pure virtual functions such that they accept a vector of possible values as parameters. All values in the vector are to be inserted.

Overload the deleteNode pure virtual function such that it accepts a vector of possible values. All values in the vector should be deleted.

Modify deleteNode such that an exception is thrown when called on an empty list and when the item to delete is not in the list.

Finally create a 2 lists using the STL list container. Add some values to them and sort them. Merge the two lists together into one list. Print the list using the screen iterator example from Appendix H.

Useful notes:

Leverage the functions which are already given to you.

Submission requirements:

Submit all files required to make this program run as required. Your solution can be a single file.

Submit source code, a screenshot with a time stamp of code execution, and a text file of the code. All code should include comments.

Linked List Operations

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