Literally just rewording two paragraphs

Literally just rewording two paragraphs.

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If a system like Pre-Crime could ever be perfected, I do not think it is something society should have. The system in the movie can only predict murders- nothing else. Murder being the premeditation to kill someone unlawfully. While this is wrong on all accounts, it is morally wrong to take away a human’s free will- whatever that may be. The movie has a scene where the husband who catches his cheating wife ready to attempt to kill her as well as the man she is sleeping with- however, in real life, the outcome may have changed depending on the circumstances of all parties. That is something not anyone or anything can predict. These “precogs,” are man-made and all things man-made have flaws, as well as by computers or machines.

This sort of system or technology would never happen, in my opinion. Crime, whatever that may be, is a money maker in this country. Prisons are for profit, courts, attorneys, and the list goes on. Morally- crime is wrong, but to other benefiting parties- crime means other things. All of this is really morbid, I know, but it’s the way this cruel, also with many beautiful things, world, works.

***Reword these two paragraphs into your own words.

Literally just rewording two paragraphs

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