Literary Analysis of Modernist Literature

Literary Analysis of Modernist Literature.

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Write a 1-2 page literary analysis of one of the short stories from the assigned readings (attached), explaining how the author used characteristics of modernist literature or dystopian elements to create the dominant theme of the short story. You should include two of the terms used in your literary terms exercise (Dadaism, Anti-Hero, Nihilism, Surrealism, Stream of Consciousness, Utopian, Didactic, Modernism, Dystopian, Primitivism), and highlight the unique elements utilized in either modernist or dystopian fiction from your reading this week. Consider the following:

  • What was the main theme of your chosen story? (This is the main idea or message of the story). Examples of theme might be man vs. technology, man vs. nature, love, death, coming of age, freedom, the hero or heroine’s quest, etc.
  • If you chose a dystopian story, what vision of the future did the reading reflect?
  • Which of the literary terms or characteristics of modernist fiction did you find in your chosen story?

Focus as much as you can on how this short story exemplified the genre you have selected. You will also find it helpful to research the selected work online and in our library. You may use more than one article for your paper. Research includes at least one outside library article on the work selected.

Literary Analysis of Modernist Literature

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