Literature Binder

Assignment 3.1b -Literature Binder Directions 1 sheet will be submitted with books for Aesthetic & Creative Development Read 3 picture books geared to language development. You may access the California Reading List Web Site at for a list of recommended grade appropriate books or use resources from the texts How to Complete the Response Forms /0x4*

Check off appropriate format (aesthetic and creative development) for this assignment Indicate genre: Code for genre is as follows: Fiction: Traditional Tales( TT), Realistic Fiction (RF); Fantasy(F); Nonfiction- informational (NF-I), Nonfiction – biography/ auto biography (NF-B); or Poetry (P)

List title in APA format (author’s last name, first initial of first name. (date published). Normally the title is in italics, but the discussion board system does not allow that. The title should be typed in lower case except for first word and any proper nouns: Capitalize the first word after a colon in the tile. City, State published: Name of publishing company). Give topic or theme

Indicate appropriate age levels Give a short paragraph on how one book could be used in the classroom: Give an example of how the books might be used in the classroom – at least one idea for each book. Why is it important to read aloud and use picture books with older readers. Share your thinking and give specifics on how and when you might do so.

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