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1.Levine and colleagues (1995) found that members of individualist cultures were more likely than members of collectivist cultures to view love as important in decisions about marriage. In fact, in some collectivist cultures, intense romantic love is viewed as immature and threatening to the family structure. How might you explain this finding? [Write a minimum of 3-4 sentences]

2.Levine and colleagues also reported a distinction among collectivist cultures; with members of more economically developed countries (such as Japan and Hong Kong) attributing greater importance to love than less economically developed collectivist cultures (such as India, Pakistan, Thailand, and the Philippines). How might you explain this finding? [Write a minimum of 3-4 sentences]

3.In a 1967 study of American college students, Kephart reported that 65 % of men and 24 % of women answered “no” to the question about marrying someone who had the qualities you desired, but with whom you are not in love. No such gender differences were found by Levine and colleagues. Approximately 80 % of men and women in their sample of Americans answered “no” to the same question. How might you explain the dramatic change in response of American women between 1967 and 1995? [Write a minimum of 3-4 sentences]


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