Macroeconomics essay

Create a final report for the industry you selected detailing the impacts of the United States/China trade war.

This report should address the following topics: major issues of the trade war; the tactics and measures taken by the United States and China during the trade war; the impacts of the trade war on the central economic problem of allocating scarce resources, unemployment and inflation rates in the United States, fiscal and/or monetary policy decisions, the determination of foreign exchange rates based on supply and demand, international trade between the United States and nations other than China, and the long-range (5-year) potential impacts of the trade war on your selected industry.

You have compiled information on your selected industry in several earlier assignments. Review these and use their information as appropriate when completing this assignment. Your paper must be a minimum of four pages, not counting the references page. Be sure to include an introduction. Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed scholarly sources.

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