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1.Lussier & Achua (2016) shared, “Communication is the process of conveying information and meaning. True communication takes place only when all parties understand the message (information) from the same perspective (meaning)” and “Leaders send a variety of messages orally, in writing, and nonverbally. An important part of a manager’s job is to give instructions, which is sending a message. As managers, how well we give instructions directly affects performance.” (pp. 184-185).

I must applaud my organizations effort in communication. The applicable fundamental to this discussion is “Be clear on expectations” which instructs us to create clarity and avoid misunderstandings by discussing expectations up front. Set expectations for employees and ask when it’s not clear regarding expectations of you. End all communications with clarity concerning action items, responsibilities, and due dates.

Overall, I must say I’m very pleased with my organization’s communication. If I do receive and email requesting me to complete a task basically with an unrealistic deadline, I was instructed to inform the tasker of my concern in meeting the deadline. So, I appreciate that my organization remains flexible in its desire to get results. Thus, leading into another fundamental which states, “The goal is to get things right, not simply get them done”. Because, it is my desire to turn in the best possible work at all time, not just turn in work.

2.Communication is an important process in any organization. It does not only mean to exchange information, but to understand the meaning of the information. A communication is effective when both all parties involved understand the information and are on the same page (Lussier & Achua, 2014).

Communication is really effective in my organization. It is mostly done in written form. Like all tasks for the week is shared over email by the team leader, and accomplished by the assignee. The assignee then needs to complete task and update status back over email along with any challenges faced in-case of help is required. Any team member or leader can then step in and help if need to make sure the timelines are met.

Above would also be an example of good communication, while for a bad one would be when in above example – help is not requested when challenges are faced – and hence, delivery timelines are missed.

3.Artificial Intelligence has developed substantially since the article was written in 2009. In today’s business world AI updates files to include transferring and cross-referencing data. AI is also used to forecast consumer behavior and to assist in fraud detection (Harvard Division of Continuing Education, 2019). Additionally, Tesla Motor Company has successfully integrated Autopilot and full self-driving capabilities in all new cars produced after October 2016

4.According to the article, companies like Honda Motors can build other body parts that would be controlled by thought alone. If that can be done, then animals may be built and controlled by thought. However, if a human body and an animal can be built and controlled by thought, then automobiles and/or homes may be built and controlled by thought. In the future, almost everything we use may be controlled by our thoughts.

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