make the answer simple and correct

make the answer simple and correct.

I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

Make a pic. of the tool Make a pic when used.

2 Describe purpose.

3 Evaluate comfortability to hold with secure grip 0-10, same when in use 0-10 (0 no pressure or force on the hand).

4 Repeat 3 with a safety handglove then with liquid resistant glove (i.e. rubber or latex).

5 Estimate (roughly) possibility for injury because of the design of the handle and the corresponding grip 0-10 (10 highest possibility).

6 Answer – is this tool easy and safe to use for long periods of time (more than 15 min continually)

7 Make suggestions for improvement and also improvement to use with a glove.

Bonus – measure the circumference of the handle (dxPi) and compare with length tip of thumb to tip middle finger of the user’s hand.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL tool – Choose a tool from available in the box in class and. Write a paragraph with estimate 0-10 and recommendation about the use of this tool for shift long use. COnsider use of the tool with gloves.

POWER tools: Compare same purpose power tools battery operated v/s coreded. Write a paragraph pros and cons.

make the answer simple and correct

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