MAN4113 Managing Diversity

MAN4113 Managing Diversity.

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MAN4113 Managing Diversity Course Project

Power Point Presentation

This month you are to develop a power point presentation on one of the minority groups discussed in chapters in our text. You may also choose another minority group not mentioned in our text. The presentation is due by Sunday of Week 3. I want you to have fun with this project. Prepare the presentation as if you were developing it for and educational or workplace seminar, and be sure to support all information that you include in your presentation with supporting citations from your references.

  • Use several pictures throughout your presentation. Make sure to include at least one picture or graphic per section. A power point presentation looks dull with few pictures and a lot of text.
  • Put the heading of each category on or before the slides in that group, so I know what category each slide is in.
  • Please follow the order that is listed below. Make sure your slides stay in order.

Part 1 – Introduction of Minority Group: 2 to 3 slides introducing the minority group. This may include things like pictures, symbols, or any cultural characteristics representing the minority group you are researching.

Part 2 – Key Facts: 2 to 3 slides mentioning some of the relevant key facts outlined by the chapter or research. For this part, you must make sure to explain and describe the minority group in detail including the relevant key facts pertaining to the group.

Part 3 – History of Minority Group in the US: 2 to 3 slides describing the history of the minority group in the US.

Part 4 – Relevant Legislation: 2 to 3 slides describing relevant legislation pertaining to the minority group.

Part 5 – Population: 2 to 3 slides describing the population of the minority group in the US.

Part 6 – Education, Employment, and Earnings: 2 to 3 slides describing the education levels, employment, and earnings of the minority group.

Part 7 – Stereotypes: 2 to 3 slides describing the stereotypes associated with this minority group in the US.

Part 8 – Strengths: 2 to 3 slides describing some strengths of this minority group.

Part 9- Reflection: 2 to 3 slides describing how this informations can help you in the workplace.

Part 10 – Reference Slide: Conclude your presentation with a reference slide in APA format.

This presentation is worth 20% of your grade.

Please submit your presentation by clicking the assignment above by Sunday of Week 3.

Grading Criteria

Item Description


Parts 1–8 are graded on accuracy of information, spelling, grammar, use of pictures, and overall appeal of that section.

Part 1 – Introduction of Minority Group


Part 2 – Key Facts


Part 3 – History of Minority Group in the US


Part 4 – Relevant Legislation


Part 5 – Population


Part 6 – Education, employment, and earnings


Part 7 – Stereotypes


Part 8 – Strengths


Part 9 – Relevance of information to the workplace


Following the listed order of the presentation


Creativity and graphics




MAN4113 Managing Diversity

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