Marketing 300

Paper details: Read the sections and explore the different links to familiarize yourself with the research. This is only one tool used by marketers. What other tools could be used along with this one to get an even closer look at communities around the country and the world?
Choose the tab for Zip Code Look-Up see the market segments in your area.(and any other area you would like to go to in the future) Compare and contrast what you learned.
Walk around your neighborhood and do your own primary research. (You have an advantage since everyone is home.) Be sure to notice the types of advertising being used in your area. Who is on the billboards, what is on the back of the receipts, what fliers and magazines are in the mail and at the grocery stores, convenience stores and retail shops? Have you noticed radio or TV remote broadcasting? The textbook gives lots of examples of how marketers develop their marketing mix, what are you observing in your community? (A lot has changed in the last year, what is different now)
An assignment link will appear below and will be open until the deadline. I have given you a week to complete this assignment. Be sure to read all the chapters and use what you have learned so far in the course to connect the dots for this paper.
5-6 pages – double spaced. Include the questions you are answering. Highlight in yellow your opinions and primary research you completed.

Identify your town and state with the zip code selected. Compare other Zip Codes to yours.

Identify and describe the five clusters identified by your zip code.

Which cluster do you believe most represents you in your zip code? Why? Provide specific examples.

What characteristics do you believe are inconsistent with your community? Why? Provide specific examples.

How can marketers use this research information? What other research should be combined with this one? Many are listed in your textbook. Explain your answer.

How do you feel about classifying consumers in this way? Explain your answer

What did you learn from this assignment that you can use in your work and life today. What is your action plan?

PART 2 – Go Back and take an airial view of the units in the textbook. Summarize by connecting the dots between the resources we have used (discussions, assessments of YOU, videos and the textbook) and apply to the concepts what you have learned from this course. THIS IS SHOWING ME YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. In your final paragraph share with me what value this course has in your life now and in the future.

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