Marketing paper

Marketing paper.

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Goal: This paper assignment is designed to help you understand the adoption of and resistance to innovations in Ch. 15. Be sure to connect your discussion to the course material, as always. This fulfills one of the course learning objectives, i.e., better understanding yourself as a consumer (SLO5).

Length Requirement: 500-600 words

Specific Instructions:

Write about two innovations in this paper: one of which you have adopted and the other you have resisted. Apply at least four concepts from Ch. 15 (See CP 10 worksheet) when you discuss these two innovations.

I’ll provide the course materials, include powerpoint slides and CP10 worksheet, make sure you answer all the queationes which on the CP 10 worksheet.

Grading Criteria:

1. Comprehension of the relevant course materials (5 pts).

2. Adequacy in addressing the assignment (5 pts).

3. Presentation of your paper. The same as in Instructions for Individual Paper #1:

Your writing should be clear, well-composed, and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. It should also meet the following format requirements (5 points).

1) Create a title for your paper. Individual paper #4 is NOT acceptable.

2) No need to provide a title page.

3) Use double-spacing, 12-point font.

4) Include bibliography or references.

5) Use APA

Marketing paper

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