Marketing project

Marketing project.

I don’t know how to handle this Business question and need guidance.

i need to do an ideas for opening 4 stores at regency properties.

please read the restrictions carefully and try to do the project by filling 4 spots with good stores that will be more beneficial for the community.

one of the ideas is opening an ice cream store. so, try to find the best company + do the list that it need to fill with in the file that uploaded for you. also, the

you can choose any available spot to work on. you have to look at the services that already in the properties and in the around place to not make an idea that will not be same as the others. for example, no need for the pizza restaurant.

note: make a note that which spot did you choose to work on. look at the available places file that it will show you the household, income, ages and etc.

Marketing project

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