Materials and Methods Project

ARC 2461: Materials and Methods Project
Building Foundations
Select THREE (3) from the following list of topics:
• Slope Support
• Dewatering
• Shallow Foundations
• Deep Foundations
• Retaining walls
• Waterproofing and Drainage

  1. Research each topic and select a real-world example for each topic.
  2. Prepare a graphic and narrative (type-written) presentation that explains each of
    your three topics. Prepare 6 pages minimum.
  3. Provide information or examples of construction failures and subsequent remedies
    in each topic.
  4. Provide pictures and any other graphic images to enhance your presentation.
  5. Your project will also be presented in a Power Point format to the class.
  6. Include the project title, course name, date, & student name on front page of all
    presentation materials.
  7. Include a Works Cited page at the conclusion of all presentation materials.
    Your project will be graded on:
    • quality of content – 50%
    • neatness and clarity of presentation -25%
    • creativity of presentation – 25%

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