Maternal care in United States Vs Germany

This course is about analyzing and critiquing our healthcare system and systems around the world in order to better understand our system. This critique will also help identify how to improve the U.S. healthcare system and its outcomes. For this paper you will analyze one aspect of the healthcare system (Germany) across two separate countries (the U.S and Germany). /0x4*

You will evaluate the assigned aspect of the healthcare system through the lens of the golden triangle (cost, quality, and access) Also remember, this cannot be accomplished without providing historical context, and political and social issues, and values, etc. Once you have presented the evidence about each country you will provide discussion. Which country provides this service better? What can the U.S. learn. What is the U.S. doing correctly?Each individual student will create an annotated bibliography related to their topic.

Each students is expected to have five sources. This is an individually graded assignment. If done correctly, it can help you gather evidence for your final paper. You do not have to use these references in your final paper. However, they should be references you are considering using at this time. Please refer to the information below and the grading rubric below to help guide your work.

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