MATH302 Final Project Descriiption Evaluation/Grading of your Final Project Math 302 Final Project will open up Friday morning of

MATH302 Final Project Descriiption
Evaluation/Grading of your Final Project
Math 302 Final Project will open up Friday morning of Week 6 in the course. You have 3 full weekends to review and work on the Final Project.
Content addressed in the Final Project
In the final project, you are given a data set and a regression output. The concept of a data set should be something that you are familiar with because you collected one during Week 1. There are descriiptive statistics that go along with said data set, which should also be familiar because you calculated descriiptive statistics during Week 2.
The Regression output won’t look familiar to you until Week 7. Once you go through the Lessons and the Discussion Forum, (particularly your second response post) you should be familiar on how to run a Regression and what a Regression output looks like from the ToolPak. By the end of Week 7, you will have all the information needed to write up the Final Project. There is nothing new that you learn in Week 8 needed for the write up of the final project.
Final Project Overview
The final project is worth 100 points and no calculations are needed. You will write up an Executive Summary on what city you chose to open a second location in and justify the results. Again, no calculations are needed because you will be writing up your own Executive Summary that will then be submitted through Turnitin. From Turnitin, an originality report will be generated. No Turnitin report should exceed 20% of originality because you are writing this up in your own words. If any originality report is over 20%, then further action will need to be required from your instructor. This can include an automatic failure and 0 for plagiarism. If you have questions on what Academic Plagiarism is, please contact your instructor.
Grading Breakdown:
1) Executive Summary – up to 10%
a. Please review what an Executive Summary looks like:
▪ What is an Executive Summary?
b. Must have cover page.
2) Grammar – up to 10%
a. Spell and grammar check your work.
b. Make sure you have correct punctuation and complete sentences.
3) State significant predictors – up to 25%
a. Must state which predictors are significant at predicting Cost of Living and how
do you know.
b. Show the comparison to alpha to state your results and conclusion.
c. Do these significant predictors make sense, if you want to relocate?

4) Discuss descriiptive statistics for the significant predictors – up to 25%
a. From the significant predictors, review the mean, median, min, max, Q1 and Q3
b. What city or cities fall above or below the median and/or the mean?
c. What city or cities are in the upper 3rd quartile? Or the bottom quartile?
d. How do these predictors compare to the baseline of NYC? What cost more or
less money than NYC?
5) Recommend at least 2 cities to open a second location in – up to 30%
a. You must justify your answer for full credit.
b. You need to use the Significant Predictors AND Descriiptive Statistics in your
c. Justification without the use of Significant Predictors WILL NOT get full credit.
d. Justification without the use of Descriiptive Statistics WILL NOT get full credit.
You need to use both.
e. For example, let’s look back at London. London at 88.33, is 11.67% less
expensive than NYC. But that doesn’t mean London is a good place to open a second location once you discuss the significant predictors and how it relates back to each city.
f. Use what you have learned in the course and analyze all the data not just what you see on the surface.
g. You must use the numbers and the output to justify your answers. Do not use any outside resources to justify your answer. Only use Significant Predictors AND Descriiptive Statistics.

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