medical innovations

medical innovations.

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This is one of the websites I have used in order to create Infographics.

Some other sites that you can use to create an infographic are:

Here is a brief selection of the most popular infographic sites:

  • Piktochart (Links to an external site.) (a presentation tool with templates that allow you to turn any kind of data into engaging infographics. You can modify color schemes and fonts, and upload basic shapes and images.)
  • (Links to an external site.) (web-based tool with dozens of customisable templates. They have a library with basic shapes, and you can change fonts, colours, text styles and sizes. You can also upload graphics and place them within the infographic.)
  • (Links to an external site.) (this is a community platform for data visualization and infographics that allows you to create infographics and to share them on social media.)
  • InFoto (Links to an external site.) (this site builds infographics from photos available on your Android phone.)
  • Venngage (Links to an external site.) (a tool that allows you to create and publish infographics. Templates, themes, charts and icons are available, and you can upload your own images as well.)
  • Dipity (Links to an external site.) (here, you can create, share, or embed content with interactive timelines. It lets you add video, audio, images, text, and links to social media for instance)

medical innovations

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