Men are not created equal…….least versus women

Argumentative research paper about men’s rights differentiate from women, examples to talk about are attached. Although men have had several rights that women have not had for centuries, there is still a social gap between women and men’s rights and societal acceptances.

For your final essay, you will create your own original, argumentative piece with a strong thesis, supporting evidence, and appropriate use of language, appeals, etc. Although you may use some of the authors from our class, the essay should mainly be about an issue of your choosing.

The goal of this essay is to choose one important issue and try to persuade a reader to see it from your point of view. The goal of this essay is to persuade someone to rethink or to change their view on some important topic.

Remember: stating your opinion will not be enough. In almost every case, the reader does not care about your opinion. They care about proof. They care about whether you are convincing or not.

While making your outline, think about the following:

  1. Is this a debatable issue? Are there two sides? Do not write something obvious. Choose a tricky topic, and then make a claim about it. Write a thesis. Stand up for your side.
  2. How’s your rhetoric? Are you being logical? Are you using emotion appropriately? Assume that the reader disagrees with you but wants to learn more. You must have a good strategy.
  3. Are you being fair? There is a difference between debating and simply attacking. You should mention the opposing side professionally yet still refute it. This is sometimes hard, but it is essential if you want to keep your credibility. Remember, your goal is to persuade.

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