Mental Health Program for Children & Youth

Homework Assignment #2: Developing Mission, Goals, and Objectives My proposed program: Mental Health Program for Children & Youth /0x4*

For this assignment, you will write a mission statement, goals, and objectives for your proposed program. You have just completed the needs assessment on your selected health topic and will now identify the outcomes you would like to achieve in your program. (You may adjust these later as your program planning process develops).

See below for guidance on creating these elements. Your assignment should include the following:

1. Program rationale, including why these mission, goals, and objectives are important for the foundation of program planning. Explain the purpose of a mission statement and the differences between a goal and an objective.

2. Create one mission statement from your program rationale.

3. Create three program goals that will help you address that mission.

4. Create five program objectives that tell you how to achieve your goals.

a. At least one must be learning, one behavioral, one environmental, and one outcome. b. Objectives should follow the six criteria in developing objectives (SMART)

i. Is it specific? ii. Is it measurable? iii. Is it achievable (realistic)? iv. Is it relevant? Will that objective actually help you meet that goal? v. Is it time specific? When will you achieve that objective? c. Objectives should include the four elements of objectives (outcome, target population, conditions, criterion). d. On the element of criterion (how much change will occur) select a target setting method on how you determined the amount of change (14 were presented in the chapter, i.e. better than best, consistent with another program, consistent with national strategy, etc.) Cite any sources/programs referenced used to determine amount of change. (Suggested source: Healthy People 2020 national initiative).

5. Conclusion (note any difficulties or deficiencies in developing SMART objectives, any potential issues that may affect evaluation).

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