Migraine With Aura case study

Case Study 1 30 year old Stacey presents to your office with complaints of a headache on/off for “years”. States she sees flashes of light in her visual fields a few hours ahead of the onset of the headache. She notices they usually occur after working consecutive night shifts in a row. /0x4*

When the headache does present, she has to lie down in the dark for it to subside. The patient states her mother and grandmother also have similar headaches. Her physical exam is normal.

Vital signs 98.7, HR 80, BP 117/74, RR 16, pulse ox 98%. Chief Complaint: Headache with flashes of light Diagnoses to use: Migraine With Aura 2 Differential diagnosis to use : Tension headache and Cluster headaches

1. List all important historical data points to be obtained

2. Create a review of systems with expected positive and negative findings 3. Which systems must be examined and why?

4. List a primary diagnosis and two differential diagnosis • Substantiate your choices. Include pathophysiology, common presentation, common examination findings, and disease progression

5. Which diagnostic tests should be ordered and why?

6. List all pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions

7. Relevant patient education

8. Referrals and why

9. Follow up NOTE: Students must adhere to APA guidelines. In-text citations are expected.

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