Mission Statement and SMART Goals

Mission Statement and SMART Goals.

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You will be creating a fictional business of your choice (choose an industry or idea that you’re interested in). You will then create a mission statement and two SMART goals/objectives for your business. The mission statement is created as part of the strategic planning process and is intended to describe the purpose of the business or the reason that the business exists. Another aspect of strategic planning, is determining the objectives of the organization.

The mission statement and SMART goals will be part of a one-page business plan. The plan should include an overview of the business, including what it does, who it serves, the primary products/services sold. It should also include a mission statement that you create and that is appropriate for the business choice. Finally, it should include 2 SMART goals that are focused on achieving the mission.


  1. Create a one-page business plan that includes:
  • Explanation of what the business does and the products/services that it provides.
  • An original mission statement that speaks to the purpose of the business.
  • 2 SMART goals that will help you achieve your mission statement.

For information about SMART goals, please visit this Rasmussen College Answers page.

Mission Statement and SMART Goals

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