mkt315 week 2 discussion 1 AND response

mkt315 week 2 discussion 1 AND response.

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Week 2 Discussion 1

“Environmental Variables” Please respond to the following:

  • Select one type of environment and analyze the factors from that environment that are relevant to marketing channels.
  • From the e-Activity, describe how this environmental variable affects marketing channel operations. Provide your personal opinion on the situation.

AND respond to this post:


RE: Week 2 Discussion 1

Into today’s marketing, the most crucial environmental tool that I feel brings a company to global success is the technological environment. The technological world will have the most effect on business operations and sales to retain a higher profit margin. Employees will keep in touch with customers through technology such as the internet, automated processes, which in turn creates customer loyalty. Furthermore, development of technology has also introduced digital marketing strategies through which companies are able to sell their products and services (Shaw, 2018). The usage of a technological environment allows employees to reach a customer base not only through the United States but worldwide. For today’s marketing channel operations, the technological environment will also help companies analyze data that will be collected and used to improve business strategies.

Shaw, AA. (2018). Technological Factors Affect Business Environment. Retrieved from

mkt315 week 2 discussion 1 AND response

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