Mobile Tech. and Applications Assignment

Mobile Tech. and Applications Assignment.

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1.a) Refer to Kaplan’s (2012) mobile social media advice (i.e., the 4 I’s). Discuss the relative effectiveness of quick timers and slow timers in the Integrate phase. (12 marks)

b) Based on Kaplan (2012), discuss the theoretical foundations of the effectiveness of mobile social media marketing (compared to mobile marketing) and explain the importance of mobile social media to the Initiate phase. (13 marks)

2.a) Refer to Porter’s value chain model, identify an AR app that creates strategic value for “sales and marketing” and provide a web link to a description of this app. Describe how this app works and how it creates the strategic value. (8 marks)

b) Explain the brain-disease model of addiction in the context of game addiction. (6 marks)

c) Game addiction among young people has become a social problem. In your opinion, who is more responsible for game addiction: game developers or parents of the game addicts? Provide TWO reasons to justify your answer. Suggest TWO ways the more responsible party can minimize game addiction. (11 marks)

3.a) You wish to do a quick Google search on your mobile device. To achieve this task, compare the following types of interaction:

(i) a spoken dialogue system (i.e., a virtual assistant such as Google Assistant), and

(ii) touchscreen.

in terms of intuitiveness, speed and accuracy. (12 marks)

b) Evaluate the ability of Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa (or another popular virtual assistant) in speech recognition and dialog management. Provide a detailed justification of your evaluation based on your personal experience and comparison with human-human spoken dialogue. (13 marks)

the first question from Mobile Marketing and Mobile Social Media.pdf

the Second from Porter (1985) .

Each question is about 600 words.

Mobile Tech. and Applications Assignment

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