Module 02 Course Project – Early Childhood Trends Talking Points

Paper details Module 02 Content In this assignment, you will use the following transferable skills: Communication Digital fluency Information literacy You will use these skills to contribute to professional, in-field knowledge through the creation of a product for your Public Policy Tool Kit: a document with talking points about trends in early childhood education. Talking points are planned comments about a topic that can be used to guide a discussion. For this project assignment, you will create a presentation containing talking points for four current hot topics in the areas of health, growth, safety, and nutrition that you will use to educate community leaders and families. To complete this assignment, do the following:

Select and research a topic in each of the following four categories in early childhood education: Health: for example, immunizations, sanitized environments, mental health, allergies concerns, chronic illness Growth: for example, typical vs. atypical development, brain development, executive function, holding children back from Kindergarten Safety: for example, outdoor and indoor play, trained staff Nutrition: for example, childhood obesity, meals Your topics can come from the ideas listed above, or you can select your own topic within each category. Use a minimum of four (4) credible sources for your research. Many criteria can be used to determine whether or not information from a source is credible. Visit the How do I know a source is credible? question in the Answers database to learn some of the most important criteria. Be sure to also use Library resources to find credible resources. For more information, visit the What is a good way to find resources for research? question in the Answers database. In a PowerPoint document, do the following: Include a title slide introducing your presentation.

In at least two (2) slides for each topic, identify the topic you chose and write 8-10 talking points, in complete sentences, that explain how the topic will or will not impact high-quality program operations. You may use bullet points or a numbered outline, as well as graphics, pictures, charts, or tables as necessary to support and enhance your talking points. (You will end up with a total of at least 8 slides for this portion that cover your selected topics in all four categories.) In the Notes section of each slide, and in at least 350 words, expand on your talking points by providing more detail to support each point. These notes would serve as your script if you were actually presenting your presentation to an audience, so write them using an appropriate tone to address community leaders and families.

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