Movie “Jocker”(2019)

Paper Details: Movie Analysis Project movie “Joker” (2019)


1. Add a link to a movie trailer or embed the movie trailer

2. Plot summary

3. Discuss the main movie character’s diagnosis (probable or known) ex. Major depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, personality/dissociate disorder, cognitive disorder?

4. What symptoms did the main character display or present a. Did the movie accurately portray the symptoms of the disorder? b. Discuss if any inaccuracies or misconceptions perpetrated of the disorder in the movie? 5. What NANDAs(nursing diagnosis) would you apply or use for the main character?

6. If the main character was your patient, what medications could or should be expected?

7. Based on the movie characters presumptive or know the diagnosis, what medical interventions or other treatment modalities would you expect to be used for this patient( hospitalizations, ECT procedures, etc.)?

8. What nursing interventions would you implement if they were your patient?

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