MS Access Database

MS Access Database.

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– Database Term Project

Design an effective database for one of the following business topics.


  • Retail Store

a) a relatively simple data model, and

b) an understanding of the business principles.)

Each database project needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Database (100 marks)
    • At least 5 or 7 tables with proper field types, properties (such as size, input masks, lookup, validation, etc.) and relationships (35 marks)
    • At least 5 forms to maintain customers, inventories, and transactions.Two of the forms must have sub-forms and calculations. (35 marks)
    • At least 5 reports that include calculations and grouping and sorting levels (15 marks)
    • At least 5 queries used to search, calculate, update, and summarize data. (One query for each type). (15 marks)
    • Sample data provided (customers with 2-5 transactions each)

MS Access Database

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