museum reflection

museum reflection.

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REL 321 Experience Project

Points Possible: 100

Due Date: 12/4 at 11:59 pm (you will see a submission link in Canvas)

Document format: Word .doc or .docx (documents submitted in the incorrect format will receive a 0).


  • Visit a professional performance or public art/museum exhibit relevant to one of the religions we are studying in this course. Make sure the performance/exhibit deals with American iterations of that religion in particular (do not, for example, tell me about the European art section at a museum). Submissions that do not focus on the United States will receive a “0.” Some suggestions for performance venues or museums are listed below.
  • Write a 2-3 page reflection on the performance/exhibit (Double space, 12 pt. font). Please include the following in your reflection. Designate each section with its corresponding letter. Failure to follow this structure, including letter designation, will automatically result in a loss of 25 points. (NOTE: the subsections under each letter designation are instructions or guidelines and do not have to be included as part of your project’s structure):
    • The name of the performance/exhibit.
    • The date you attended.
    • A brief description of the performance/exhibit.
    • How did the performance/exhibit reflect what we have learned in class about religion in America?
      • If you found the performance/exhibit to be inaccurate, then write about how it is inaccurate in this section.
      • You may use our in-class discussions and/or course reading material, but you may not use outside sources. Depending on the severity, outside sources will garner a significant loss of points.
      • If only a portion of an exhibit pertains to religion in America, then state that and focus on that portion.
    • A description of your experience as an audience member. (What was your experience? Did you enjoy it? Was it well done? How did it make you feel? Etc.)
    • What are some of the things you learned from this performance/exhibit that we did not cover in class?
      • If the performance/exhibit offers no new information, write about what you would like to learn more about?

More Notes on grading, etc.

  • If there is any indication that you have submitted the assignment without having attended the performance/exhibit, you will receive 0 points.
  • Please make sure you attend a professional performance or museum exhibit. In humanities, we must abide by strict ethical guidelines, which precludes you from attending a religious service or using any material that is not meant specifically for public exhibition (eg. church architecture unless specified as a public attraction) without the proper approval. The approval process is too extensive to do in this course. Submissions that do not meet this criteria will receive a “0.” (If you are unsure if your project meets this criteria, please see #8 below for the deadline to contact me).
  • In the past, student have attempted to submit reflections on online performances or exhibits. This is unacceptable and will result in a “0.” You must go somewhere for this project (DRC exceptions will be given consideration).
  • I expect proper grammar and spelling.
  • I don’t require photographs because some performances and exhibits prohibit them. You may include photographs if you want, but they will not count towards your page count.
  • Follow the page count closely. Do not go over or under by any amount (I do not round up or down, so do not submit a 1 ½ or 3 ½ page paper).
    • Note that I have not given specific word or sentence ranges per section as this will be different relative to your chosen performance or exhibit. Use your discretion in this regard. That being said, make sure you are turning in quality work…do not take the easy way out! I hope you enjoy this project, but please take it seriously!
  • If you have any questions about your Experience Project, you must email me by November 4. I will not respond to questions regarding this project after this date. You may also send me a draft to skim over by this date, but not after.

Performance and Exhibit Suggestions

Take a look at possible performances at:

ASU Dance or Theater Department



Any other public performance

Take a look at possible exhibits at:

ASU Art Museum (or an ASU exhibit in the library, anthropology department,etc.) See also the Southwest Pieta on the Tempe campus.

Casa Grande Ruins (or any other Native American ruins, petroglyphs, etc.)

Heard Museum (Native American Art)

This is one of the best places to visit for this project, especially if you want to complete it early.

Musical Instrument Museum

Natural History Museum (has an exhibit on the Hohokam)

Mission San Xavier del Bac (in Tucson)

Phoenix Art Museum

Or any other public exhibit/museum

I attached the assignment description below.

museum reflection

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