Must be familiar with The Metamorphosis

Must be familiar with The Metamorphosis.

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Unit Three Forum: The Metamorphosis

Your assignment will be in two parts: You will have to complete three different posts for this assignment.

Part 1:For your first post you will need to answer the questions below in the discussion forum. Your initial post will need to be at least 150-200 words.

None of the characters, Gregor included, try to determine how to cure Gregor. What does this suggest about Gregor’s transformation and how does it affect the reader’s interpretation of the story?

Part 2:For part two you will need to reply to two of your fellow students’ post. Each of these posts needs to be 50-100 words.

Below are some guidelines to help you when posting.

  • Click on the discussion topic below to answer the questions for your initial post.
  • For “reply posts” simply reply to your classmates’ posts.
  • Include detail from our text and common reading as evidence for what you have to say (Remember that others will need to draw on our readings, too, so only use just enough information from our readings to make your point clearly).
  • Add new information to the conversation (we don’t want to be reading the same thing over and over).
  • Use class vocabulary [either common or technical vocabulary or both].
  • Clearly identify the source of information and evidence that you do use.
  • Be free of major grammatical errors and very coherent (easily and quickly understood and without contradictions).

Instructors will evaluate postings every weekday and once on the weekend.

Three postings are required in every round of General Forum discussion. Your initial post is worth 20 points, and your two reply posting count 10 points apiece for a possible 40 points for each Forum.

No cussing, please
[unless, of course, it is absolutely necessary, and even then never directed at a person]. And please don’t write messages like you are in a chat. Grammar/mechanics, fullness of responses, and coherence always count.

Must be familiar with The Metamorphosis

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