My 10 Year Plan: Family and Career:

My 10 Year Plan: Family and Career:.

Can you help me understand this Sociology question?

Students will write a 5-page double-spaced person narrative that describes your ideal family or single life and career ten years in the future. You will describe the type of work and work environment you will attain, your family dynamic, your choice of transportation, and your home. Describe the social problems and positive realities you see in society each day and how new technologies will shape them. The goal is to further understand your own life goals, core values, sense of ‘self’ and ‘identity’, personal attitudes (optimism or pessimism), and to reflect on the kinds of societal changes you foresee happening in the future in terms of societal advances and structural constraints as well as technology and cultural changes. In addition to explaining how the structures of future opportunities and social and personal constraints might shape your experience. Finally explain what steps you will need to take now, in order to reach your career, and personal and/or family goals. Directly quote at least 3 articles from our readings for full credit.

My major: social worker

Born and raised from Vietnam and came here for 4 years

I’m Vietnamese. I plan to work for society in the future especially with immigrants because I’m an immigrant too. Plan to get me married after i finished school which is 5-6 years.

My 10 Year Plan: Family and Career:

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