Natures – History of Toronto Dorset Park and its relation to the Meadoway – conclusion

1) Write a History of the Dorset Park and its relation to the Meadoway (3 pages, 1.5 spacing) MLA referencing – in the history of Toronto Dorset Park, should detail when the neighbourhood was established, key socio-economic, ethnocultural and demographic features, its existing green and public spaces and their uses, and how its relationship to the Meadoway has evolved. We are interested in both the Meadoway as an ecological and infrastural site and the ways it has responded to needs of the adjacent neighbourhoods over its long history. Should consider past, present, anticipated (including uses prior to the Meadoway becoming a green space, including uses as “terrain vague”) For instance (because we are interested in divergent uses and potential tensions arising from use) if you were writing a section on Stanley Park it would be significant to mention prior occupation of the site by Indigenous peoples and settlers, if you were writing a history of Central Park in New York City it would be important to mention the settlement and displacement of African- Americans in the creation of the Park

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