NCAA v. Alston

Current events Assignment Use the template attached! You must submit a 3 page report discussing a current sport management issue [within the last 3 years- 2017 to current]. /0x4*

Pick a current event then analyze it using the legal skills you have developed and prepare two arguments, one for each side of the issue presented. This topic should be relevant to your future career and could be discussed at an employment interview.

This paper should be properly cited in APA format (12 point font, DOUBLE SPACED, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins) and contain at least one case NOT discussed in class and at least one legal journal article.

Please write in complete sentences and paragraphs (5 sentences) and you need THREE FULL PAGES of Text and One References Page. (4 minimum pages)

Consider Answering the questions in the paper:

Why is this case important to analyze?

Should this be discussed in other sport management classes?

How can we improve society?

What will history say about this event or case?

DO you still think we will still talk about this case 5 years from now?

The topic I choose is the court case of NCAA v. Alston

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