Need a postcard (actual postcard) front and back

Need a postcard (actual postcard) front and back.

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Phase 4: Final Report & Postcard Submission

As you have been building each section of the project and fine-tuning it based on the feedback you have received during the semester, it’s now time to put your plan and promotion together into final report.

Here is how you will be evaluated.

Your final report should include the following:

  1. An Executive Summary the gives a brief overview summarizing the challenges facing the zoo and briefly explains each part of your plan.
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Environmental Scan
  4. Recommended Promotion Strategy using a postcard campaign. Your Recommended Promotion Strategy must include the following:
      1. the target market segment;
      2. the marketing message;
      3. the estimated cost of printing, acquiring target market lists, and mailing the postcard;
      4. your projections showing how you expect the campaign to perform;
      5. and how you will track the results of the campaign to determine if it was successful;
  5. Your sample postcard promoting the zoo that you would propose sending with the goal of increasing membership.

Need a postcard (actual postcard) front and back

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