need answer for 4 question 150 each.

need answer for 4 question 150 each..

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Identify a major company and apply the SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to any segment of the company.

Example: reported that “Home Depot” is credited with having revolutionized the American home improvement industry. Home Depot’s top strength lies in its leadership. Home Depot can be called the king of productivity. Home Depot’s business has strength in terms of diversification, in terms of product portfolio, and operational areas.

Note: There is no specific word count. The goal of this exercise is learn more about companies that may have used the SWOT approach and observe how result may have been used to advance the company. Read and respond to two of peers findings.

#2 Provide your thoughts respond to 2 of your peers thoughts..

– SWOT Analysis for Tesla

Key Findings:

There is no doubt about the fact that Tesla has a lot of potential. It can dominate the auto car market by increasing its manufacturing capacity, investing more into research and development to produce safe batteries and more super chargers. It can also introduce less expensive electric cars and tap into middle income buyers’ market. Tesla needs to take some robust actions

SWOT Analysis for Apple Company


Apple is one of the most successful robust companies in the world. It has engaged in the provision of technology products besides the software services that have made customers demand their products. One of the most renowned products is the Apple iPhone (Prakruthi, &Murugan, 2018). It is estimated that the company sold more than 220 million iPhone brands in the year 2019. It has so been seen that the company has rapidly grown as m Cook, who is the CEO, has produced the best strategies to excel.


The strengths of Apple lie in internal strategies. The company has top-notch technology that has enabled it to produce the best technology (Prakruthi, &Murugan, 2018). The proficient form of research has also ensured that the company has the best knowledge of the products that consumers want. The company has also been a global icon, making it the most preferred product for consumers across the world.


On the weakness, Apple has high pricing strategies that have scared most consumers. Additionally, it lacks competition in most of its products like the iPhone, which does not have competing products in the current market(Prakruthi, &Murugan,2018). Most of the Apple products are incompatible with the software in the market. Lastly, promotions are poorly done.


On the opportunities, the customer base for the company is consistent and on a constant rise. It also has access to a wide pool of professionals who are seasoned and qualified (Prakruthi, &Murugan, 2018). The company’s network for distribution is also very wide, meaning that they access a wide market. Most of its products make use of artificial meaning that customers like them.


The major threat that faces the company is the frequent occurrence of counterfeit products that have tainted its market. An increase in competition is also on the rise, meaning that the customer base will drop shortly (Prakruthi, &Murugan, 2018). The penetration of the market has also been a threat as the company has not been able to control the market as required. The company is faced with a series of lawsuits that have threatened to tarnish its name and make a huge loss to the company.

# 3 “Agile” Project Management (link below).

#4 Provide your thoughts after viewing the video and respond to 2 of your peers thoughts..

– Unlike how many people have been defining agile as a methodology of developing software, agile is a set of values and principles that helps a team developing software or project in making decisions on how to go about the work of developing software . Therefore, agile gives a foundation to the software developers in making decisions that result in better software development recommended by the customers. In addition, Agile values more the requirements of the customer more than those of the contractor.

Agile attains its success by prioritizing customer satisfaction. A valuable and working software is delivered to the customer early and continuously so that the changes may be harnessed for the customer’s advantage and satisfaction. This is done throughout the software development or project cycle.

In agile project management, the progress of the development cycle of the project is measured with a working software delivered. For the team of developers to say they have attained agility, they should have constant attention to the customers and a great design during development. Additionally, the customer’s needs will be met in adopting agile project management and by doing so, also increases the productivity of the contracting company. Therefore, agile does not only value the opinion of the project contractor as adopted by the software development methodologies but values that of the end-user or customer (Mark Shead, May, 2106).

– Shead (2016) introduced fundamental concepts around Agile Project Management Methodology, including Agile Manifesto and Agile principles. The two questions come to my mind. First, how does APM differ from the standard PMBOK framework? Second, how could we formulate a strategy where these two frameworks could be integrated?

APM (Agile Project Management) and PMBOK® framework have a detailed delivery approach for each phase. However, the APM approach is the release and iterations where additional features deliver iteratively. PMBOK® approach focuses on the sequential and hand-off phase by phase (Silger and Broderick, 2008). Cobb (2011) also mentioned the critical difference between agile approach and PMBOK® which including a) Agile focus on humanistic value orientation while PMBOK® focuses on process orientation. The Agile principle and Agile Manifesto was valuing individual interaction over process and tool while PMBOK® primarily focus on process, and b) PMBOK® focus on the upfront planning and controls such as project charter, scope of work, project management plan, etc. while the Agile focus on the responsiveness to change. Figure 1 and 2 provided the graphical view of the comparison between Agile and Traditional project delivery lifecycle approach

These two frameworks could be integrated and complementary to each other as mentioned by Wysocki (2014) about the concept of the hybrid approach between Agile and the traditional PMBOX® as an agile approach that could work for all types of projects rather than software development especially the project which clearly defined goals and solution. One of the suggested hybrid strategies is to adopt a different agile method for each layer of the enterprise framework such as agile and flexibility at the technical or system development layer and less flexibility at the upper project governance layer (Highsmith, 2010). Also, Cobb (2015) mentioned that the hybrid approach is better suitable for the project that needs formal upfront contracts or government certificates such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Sarbanes-Oxley governance (Jones, 2017). With the hybrid approach, the organization could leverage several benefits from Agile and also meet the required documentation and upfront contract work as stated at the beginning.

need answer for 4 question 150 each.

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