Need help converting Website to Mobile

Need help converting Website to Mobile.

Help me study for my Html / CSS class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Each assignment in this course builds to a whole website on multiple devices, of which this assignment is the last step.

For this assignment, you will apply the techniques of responsive design by using CSS to configure your previously created website for display on mobile devices. Be sure to follow the mobile design best practices. You are expected to document your process and submit both that reflection document and the zipped HTML website files to Blackboard. Be sure to keep your files within proper organization within the server directory (being sure to place all CSS code in one external CSS file).

Documentation: Document your design process (approx. 100 – 150 words).

  • Describe the method you used to implement responsive design; then explain why you made those decisions.

Design: Choose one of your CSS files and edit it to include code to respond to requests specifically from desktop and mobile devices.

The CSS file should include:

    • Desktop Specific Code
    • Mobile Specific Code

All webpages should include:

    • Call to the specific CSS file

Need help converting Website to Mobile

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