Need someone to edit this. Its for a job.

Need someone to edit this. Its for a job..

I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

1). Please list the reasons for leaving your last 3 jobs:

I left Pizza Hut because I had to go back to school for the fall of 2018. I currently work at FedEx, however, I plan on quitting because the company is constantly cutting my hours and I have only been working like two to three hours there lately, which is making it difficult for me to pay bills and take care of myself. Lastly, I still work at Square 1 Art.

2). What do you think is an acceptable amount of time to miss work in your first 6 months?

I think only sick days can be an exception to certain amount of times to miss work during the first 6 months, however, you should not miss any days of work if there’s nothing wrong with you.

3). Do you prefer to learn the skills needed for 1 position or multiple positions?

I prefer to learn the skills needed for multiple positions so that whenever the company is short-handed, I can help out.

4). Do you like working in a group setting or individually? Why?

I like individually because I work best alone and sometimes working with a group can cause distractions, however, I do at times like working with a group because it help make tasks be accomplish faster and you could learn and develop friendship with the people your working with. So, overall I prefer either one, but it really does depends on the situation and the environment I am in.

Need someone to edit this. Its for a job.

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